Bacoor Strikers Dominates the First Rank for the Southern Division

Bacoor Strikers Dominates the First Rank for the Southern Division
Sheila May Alferez
Aug 19, 2023

The Bacoor Strikers beat the Quezon Huskers with a resounding 75-43 win making them in the top of the Southern Division on Friday during the OKBet-MPBL Fifth Season round-robin eliminations at Bacoor Strike Gym in Cavite. 

The Strikers made an outstanding half of their two-point efforts, while the Quezon Huskers missed numerous opportunities, resulting in the Bacoor Strikers’ dominance.

With striker’s remarkable three-point shots and all over 13 free throws, they increased their lead and solidified their position at the top of the southern division and third place overall in the 29th round-robin elimination phase with a 20-4 record. 

The enthusiastic and large crowd provided the Strikers a 50-49 advantage on the boards, where they demonstrated superior teamwork with 19 assists and blocked 9 shots attempts from the huskers. 

Aaron Jeruta led the strikers’ attack with outstanding movements, scoring 14 points and grabbing six rebounds. With his impressive moves, he was also named as the best player of the game. Joel Lee Yu’s 11 points and Jhan Mchale’s 10 points both contributed to the strikers’ victory. 

In sharp contrast to the Huskers, none of them were able to score more than 10 points. Ximone Sandagon was the only one who contributed 9 points to the team with his strong offensive moves.

The Huskers’ missed field goal attempts resulted in a season-low total of points in the 29th team elimination round. With a record of 17-7, they are now fourth in the Southern Division and eighth in the overall rankings.

The MPBL returns on Monday, August 21, 2023, with games pitting Bacoor against Mindoro at 4 p.m., Sarangani against Imus at 6 p.m., and Negros against Batangas at 8 p.m.

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