A Slam Dunk Start for MPBL Junior Basketball

A Slam Dunk Start for MPBL Junior Basketball
Sheila May Alferez
Jun 16, 2023

Senator Manny Pacquiao announced the start of the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League (MPBL), a Junior Basketball League for aspiring young players. This is an exciting and forward-thinking way to help young people grow and get involved in their communities. 

Senator Manny Pacquiao is a firm believer in the capacity of athletics to develop character and provide opportunities. He desires to cultivate an environment where junior basketball players can excel on and off the court

. Senator Pacquiao, appointed head coach of the Philippine Basketball Association Kia team, asserts that the MPBL does not wish to compete with other divisions in the country. He quoted, ” “Hindi naman kami nakikipag-compete sa ibang liga, kundi ito ay ambag, tulong din sa pag-promote ng basketball dito sa Pilipinas,” 

Twelve teams from Luzon, including Makati City and Quezon City, have committed to the national league for its opening season, which begins on September 23. In the future, there are plans to expand to the Visayas and Mindanao as well. There will be age groups for 14, 16, and 18 years old players.

According to league officials, the teams competing at the national level will be divided into two conferences, with each squad required to have at least 20 percent of its roster from its native city. They noted that the registration could be recruited from the barangay level of the tournament.

They also said that foreign players can’t join the game. Filipinos born outside of the country can join if they can show proof from the immigration and justice offices that they have Filipino parents. Each season will have five conferences, and the team that wins the most titles at the end of the year will win the full title.

Senator Many quoted, “We truly hope and wish the best for our youths,” he said, “not just in basketball, but in everything they do.” The start of Junior MPBL is a great way to give our young people more power through sports.

For young people, playing basketball is essential for more than just playing the game. It helps young players get in shape, learn new skills, enhance their strengths, work as a team, gain confidence, and build character.

By playing junior basketball, kids start a journey of self-discovery, confidence, and personal growth that sets them up for a bright future on and off the court. With its focus on developing ability, encouraging physical health, and teaching important life skills, this league could help young athletes reach their goals. It is expected to significantly affect our young people’s lives and set the stage for a brighter, more positive future.

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