Bataan Risers

Bataan Risers





The Bataan Risers is a team of professional basketball players in the Philippines; currently playing in the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League MPBL. The team is based in the province of Bataan and was founded in 2018. Since its admission, it becomes the pride of the province. In this MPBL’s 5th season, the Bataan risers will compete with 18 players in the squad.

The name “Bataan Risers” comes from the team’s hometown which is “Bataan”.  As the pride of the province, this team isn’t just a professional basketball player. Off the court, the Bataan Risers are busy with projects that help their community. To give back to the local community, they put on basketball clinics, charity events, and outreach projects. In this MPBL’s 5th season 2023, Bataan Risers promise to give their best shot with commitment and determination.


Team Standing

Team Players

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