Iloilo United Royals

Iloilo United Royals





In 2018, the Batangas City Athletics entered the MPBL for the first time. They are one of the league’s initial teams and have been competitive in the MPBL. They enjoyed an outstanding run in the league’s second season (2018-2019), finishing as runner-up and reaching the championship series. They usually play home games at the Batangas City Coliseum, which serves as their home court.

Batangas City has a roster of professional basketball players, including Filipino and international players. The players on the roster can change from season to season. As of this 2023 season, They have 17 current rosters and have been led by Coach Colo Villanueva since 2022.

The team usually plays their home games at the Batangas City Coliseum, which also acts as their home court, and as a result, they have a committed fanbase in Batangas City and the surrounding areas. Their followers, known as the “Batangas Faithful,” demonstrate their support for the team by attending home games and cheering them on.

Like other MPBL teams, they regularly connect with the local community through various outreach initiatives, charity events, and basketball clinics to promote the sport and give back to their supporters.

Team Standing

Team Players

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