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Manila Stars





The Manila Stars are a professional basketball team from Manila, Philippines, competing in the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League (MPBL). The team is owned by the city government of Manila, one of eleven active teams in Metro Manila area.

They debuted in the 2018–19 season, also known as Datu Cup, the second season of the league. With the name “Manila City Stars, the team also competed in the Pilipinas Super League (PSL) in 2022.

The Stars take their moniker from Manila Metrostars which is one of the leading teams in the now-defunct Metropolitan Basketball Association (MBA). However, Manila Stars don’t share ties with other MBA teams since it was revamped. The club’s expansion MPBL ranking was #13. Cholo Villanueva has been hired to lead the squad into the 2021 MPBL Invitational.

The Manila Stars are notorious for their high-tempo, physical brand of basketball, which prioritizes solid defense and swift transitions. Former NBA players and collegiate all-stars make up the team’s talented and experienced roster.

The Manila Stars have become a powerhouse in the MPBL under the direction of Philip Cezar, a former player, and coach in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). The team’s fans are well-known for their fervor and commitment to the cause.

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