Pampanga Giant Lanterns

Pampanga Giant Lanterns





The Pampanga Giant Lanterns are a professional Filipino basketball team based in the province of Pampanga. The team is currently playing the MPBL 5th season with 23 rosters and lead by coach Jordan.

The team started playing in the 2018–19 season, also known as Datu Cup. They were initially called the Pampanga Lanterns, a reference to the famous Giant Lantern Festival. As the “Christmas Capital of the Philippines,” Pampanga has a long history of making giant lanterns that light up the night sky during the holidays. The Pampanga Giant Lanterns basketball team took its name from this colorful custom. This shows how bright and lively they are in the MPBL. The team was also called Pampanga G Lanterns when they played in the Pilipinas Super League (PSL).

This famous squad does great things on the court, but they also do a lot of work in the community to inspire and help the next crop of basketball players off the court. Through basketball clinics and other grass-roots programs, they hope to find local talent and allow aspiring players to follow their dreams.

Giant Lanterns, like any other team, have encountered such things, and these experiences have shaped them into great teams today. They faced strong competition, but with proper dedication to achieving their best, the team hopes to deliver more championships to Pampanga and leave a lasting impression on basketball in the Philippines.

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